Love for the black sheep

Category : Personal works · by Jan 21st, 2014

Have you ever spent hours and motivation on a proposal and the client rejected it? I assume it happens to everyone, but sometimes, we are specially proud of these black sheep that come out of our creativity farms. This is the case of the logo I am showing you in this post.

This logo was meant to be for Styling, a surf brand and a chain of action sports shops. This is the original sketch

The union of the ‘S’ and the ‘t’ drawn a ‘4’ making possible to misread “S4”

I decided to separate both characters resulting the following

The ‘S’ looked way too aggressive compared to the rest of the letters. This is how it looked after tweaking it

The logo was looking good

It could still be misread as “Styting”, so here’s the solution I came up with

The logo could be even shorter,

be part of a sunset,

have the company of a snowflake

or some broken decks

All in all, I was proud of this first approach to the project and well, I still have a special love for it even if it didn’t work out.